Resolution 2013

Ah, another year. Another clean slate. Another empty calendar, waiting to be filled, full of possibility, hope, dreams.

I love a good to-do list, and New Year's resolutions are the ultimate to-do list.

Last year my resolution was to read and consecutively watch the entire Harry Potter series. Not a lofty goal, but an interesting (to me, at least) one, and I had it in the bag well before the deadline. So, yay to me!

The year before that, my resolution was to start going to church regularly. It failed spectacularly, then we joined a small group next door, then we finally started attending the church it belonged to (despite the 45 minute trek each Sunday). That was back in September, and we've been going ever since. So I guess I can finally cross this resolution off the list, just a couple years behind schedule.

This year I have two resolutions. One is similar to last year's, an easy-to-quantify goal that I shouldn't have too much problem meeting. Setting myself up for success here. And it is: to read through the Chronicles of Narnia. I read them all before, and listened to them all being read to me even before that. But it's been years. And I have a feeling I'm going to be getting a lot more out of the stories this time around.

The second goal is (don't laugh).... to become "more financially aware". The thing is (and it's such a stereotypical thing I'm embarrassed to say I even fall into this category) I have no clue about our household finances. And it's not because Matt doesn't try to involve me. It's because I just don't care. I don't pay the bills. I don't even know what bills we pay, nor how much they should be. I have no idea how much my paycheck is (it's automatically deposited). I don't even know the password to our online banking. Even as I type this confession, I'm mortified. I feel like a 1940's housewife or something, totally clueless, blithely living my life, trotting to the grocery store, swiping my debit card with no real clue what the state of the household is.

Now, the good news, and the only reason I've been able to hold this blissful state of unawareness, is because my husband is a good man and extremely good with our finances. I don't have to worry about swiping my debit card at the grocery store because I know all our pennies are in a row. We make it a point to live well within our means. And I'm by nature a saver, so I'm not likely to go out and make a crazy purchase, certainly never without first debating the merits with Matt. So I know it could be worse, much worse, that I don't pay attention to money matters.

But still, it's so irresponsible of me! Like I said, I'm embarrassed and this is the year to change that! I mean, if something ever happened to Matt and I had to suddenly take on the financial responsibilities of the family, we'd be in trouble. I'd probably have to throw myself on the mercy of my bank and have someone help me sort through everything. Or at least tell me my own password.

So there you go. I'll learn my password. I'll check the online account. (Okay, probably not, but at least I'll know how, for God's sake!) I'll take a look at every bill that comes through the door. I'll become more financially aware. And biggest of all, perhaps (and I really, really want to make this happen in 2013) Matt and I will find ourselves A Guy, a financial planner who can help us start getting things laid down for the future (a college fund, refinancing, retirement, investments, all those fancy grown-up things). How grown-up would that be?

Now let's see how this whole 2013 thing shakes out!

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  1. My comment didn't go through the other day -- (did I mention that your Captcha (sp?!) hates me?) Your financial resolution should be tacked on to my resolution list...I am also equally as mortified to say that this is my story since I've become a Mrs., too. I HATE keeping up with bills, taxes, NUMBERS...and James loves it. So, I happily give him the job of keeping up with our finances. I could probably pay attention to all of it a little more, too :)


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