Meet Gus!

We are wrapping up this holiday by getting one last present...

Yesterday Matt told Violet that she would be getting a surprise. Her first guess was scissors. Her next guess was a bumble bee. She obviously has the bar set pretty low when it comes to surprises. Must remember this for her upcoming birthday.

The surprise turned out to be neither scissors or a bee. Hopefully she's not disappointed. But it did turn out to be this little fellow!

One of Matt's coworkers was telling him about this sweet homeless kitten, who wandered into a neighbor's house one cold December day. He needed a home (said neighbor already had two cats) and I gave an enthusiastic yes to my hubby's casual "Do you want a cat?" query. And here he is!

Finally! Another man in the house!

Guster is already proving quite at home in the Loughman household. He has put up with Violet's curious pokes and chasing, he seems quite content to snuggle up on available laps, and his only downside so far is a desire to perch on the dining room table.

I'm going to make a real effort to call him by his chosen name, not Kitty.

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