Going Back to Bed

Ugh, I am so sick right now. I have this awful stuffy nose hacking cough crud that I just can't kick. I'm going to blame my first graders for sharing their germs with me. We're single-handedly keeping the Kleenex company in business in my classroom. It didn't help that we were stuck inside all week this week due to the rain. The kids were awful, I lost my voice Monday afternoon and it's still cowering under a rock somewhere, I spent two hours in the urgent care clinic on Wednesday while the students terrorized my substitute. It's just been that kind of week. I'm really hoping having Monday off will help me recover. And I'm really hoping no one else in this house catches anything!

Poor Matt has been bearing the brunt of parenting duties this week. Someone get that guy a medal. He's dealt not only with Violet having a nighttime accident, but our cat also deciding to treat our bed (with it's brand-new bedding set) as a litter box. Grr. Fortunately my lovely new washing machine managed to erase any trace of either misdeed.

When you're stuck in bed all day suffering from whatever this illness is, you need some entertainment. Do any of you remember that show Felicity? Oh my gosh, I loved that show. It came out right before I started college, and I remember my friends and I watched mouth-agape at the freshman college antics the characters got into. We wondered, is that what college will really be like? I remember one episode in particular, when Felicity and friends are studying for exams. There was a countdown clock on the screen, detailing how many hours were left to study, libraries were packed with grumpy, stressed students "SHHH-ing!" everyone who dared breath too loudly, Noel took some crazy "smart powder" and had an allergic reaction causing him to sweat and yell at people. I guess it's a good thing that my own freshman experience turned out to be much tamer.

Well folks, that's it. My wonder-hubby is making me a cup of hot tea with lemon and honey, and I'm taking my pathetic self back to bed.

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