Guster, Day 2

Violet decided that Guster wanted to watch Lion King.
So, life with a kitten. I forgot. I've had kittens before, but it has been years. I've forgotten what they're like. Kind of the way you forget what infants are like. And then you're around one again and remember, oh yeah, they're a lot of work.

Much like an infant, Guster seems to have his days and nights mixed up. He was prowling around all night last night, much to my dismay. When he did decide to settle down, he showed a preference for sleeping on my head, my pillow, my neck, my face. Finally we kicked him out of the room, just in time for our other child to wake up at 6:30 a.m. Both of them were rearing to play. Oh well, I'll be going back to a school schedule in just two days, so I might as well get used the early wake-up call!

Guster has continued to show off his kitty climbing skills by jumping on everything in sight - the kitchen counter, the ironing board, Violet's table (while she's eating lunch). Perhaps he'll have learned his lesson after today, when he took a running leap at our kitchen island, skidded across the granite and straight over the side, taking a loaf of bread to the floor with him. We shall see.

Also, I might be allergic to our new friend. Although I suppose anyone could have a case of the sneezes after inhaling cat fur all night. Again, time will tell.

Making the most of this last weekend by stocking up on some groceries.

Finally, a sunny day to play outside.

Blue skies for everyone!

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  1. Love it! Violet and Gus Gus seem to have become fast friends :)


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