Lake House Weekend

This weekend my family had the pleasure of heading to a beautiful Oconee lake house for a mini-family reunion in honor of my mom's birthday. Mom has long dreamed of having all her kids take a mini-vacation like this, and we were all excited to make it happen for her big day. 

The lake house was fabulous. We're already scheming to go back.
Our best attempts at fishing. Danielle won for the biggest stick.
It was a nice relaxing weekend filled with laying on the dock, testing out the paddle boat, cooking and eating together, just being a family. We're all so busy, we really treasure the times we get to spend together. And it's easier to relax when we're all away from the daily pressures of home and laundry and work. Violet had fun hanging out with her Aunt Danielle and Uncle Lukas. She took a little while to warm up to them, but they won her over eventually.
Silly Aunt Dani!

Uncle Lukas shows off.
In true Swedish style, we all prepared a little something (song, poem, tribute) to honor my mom. Dad rewrote the lyrics to a song and we all serenaded the woman of the hour. The chorus went like this (can you guess the tune?):

Here's the truth and we must share it
There is none to match our Berit
We've shared a million cups of coffee, but we've just begun
She's our super Bee, and she is number one!

The Fortunato Family Singers.

It was pretty hilarious.

Some presents...

And a new book... (hopefully I can borrow it!)
The birthday girl declared the holiday a success and we loved it too. Happy (early) birthday, mom! We love you!

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  1. This looks fabulous and I know how much it meant to your mom. Great family time.


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