We Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

Yesterday was spirit day at both our schools! Annie is sported a hand-me-down from Violet, the top only. Her chunky little legs won't fit into the matching bloomers! Violet had to borrow a Georgia shirt from next door because none of her shirts from last year fit anymore.Matt attempted a dozen photos without much success, so enjoy watching our outtakes from the morning.

Mrs. Megan and friends!
Violet's awesome teacher sent this one of some of the UGA fans in the classroom. Aw. I'll have to write an ode to Mrs. Megan later. Suffice to say, I'm so happy where Violet ended up this year. This teacher has all the first-year enthusiasm that I could hope for. She updates us constantly (I'm a big believer in over-communicating with parents), sends pictures, is so positive about all the kids and is just all-around adorable. It's a great confirmation that we made the right decision about Pre-K this year.

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