Field Trip!

Ready for the bus.

Violet had her first ever field trip this week! Girlfriend was so excited she was up at 6:15. The first words out of her mouth: "Is it field trip day?" And oh yes, it was! How adorable is her class? And how sweet is her teacher to send us all these pictures?

See those silly bands? Those are for behavior. Everyone starts with four, then you earn or lose them accordingly.
So the first field trip was planned for Build-a-Bear. To make one bear. That the whole class has to share. Sounded like a disaster in my mind! Hopefully there was a lot of groundwork laid for the fact that everyone wasn't getting their own!

Mrs. Megan sent an email saying that the class had voted to make a dog and name him Pizza. I laughed so hard on that one. They got him one boy outfit and one girl outfit, so I guess he's a gender-bending puppy. But hey, everyone was happy.

Everyone got to put a heart inside the puppy. Talk about the love!

Now this is what I call following directions. How do I get my six-year-olds to do that?

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