Back to School

Going back to school after a fabulous summer break!

So what I should be doing is stuffing Open House folders and updating files and making to-do lists for tomorrow (you know, all the things I couldn't get done today because we were forced into all day training). But I'd much rather be on here sharing pictures of our first days back at school!

Violet had open house for Pre-K (!!) yesterday! So of course, I had to make some goodies for the new teachers. I figure, start strong at the beginning of the year when I have the time, because it's all downhill from here! Thanks to Pinterest, of course, I had some "soda-lighted" beverages we brought yesterday, and today there was lotion for a "smooth" year. Gotta love a good pun.

But seriously, I am soda-lighted.
 I really enjoyed meeting Violet's new teachers. Oh, how much empathy I have for teachers during open house, considering I'm about to endure my own tomorrow. It's always hot, there are a million parents milling about, asking questions that may or may not matter so much, the kids are nuts, it's completely overwhelming for everyone. Of course, I had to be the parent that immediately emailed the teacher when we got home because I forgot to ask that one burning question. (And then I facebook and pinterest stalked her, hee-hee!) She seems very sweet. Oh how I'm praying for her!

And then today, off they went, both girls into their new rooms! I was so proud of both of them - no tears were shed. Because of how early I have to drop off, poor Violet always has to go into a different room before the day officially starts, but she hung with it. We prayed in the car that God would help her be brave, kind, and a good listener. And it sounds like she was all three! I felt so bad, I was over an hour later that usual picking them up (thanks a lot, county-wide training), but they both had good reports. Here's hoping tomorrow goes just as smoothly (for them... and me!) Now off to put two kiddos to bed and tackle that to-do list...

Can you believe it?!

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