Annie 11 Months

I can't believe it's almost time to plan a birthday party! This little stinker is 11 months old! Annie's quite a mover and shaker these days. Crawling is old news. It's all about pulling up, climbing up, crawling over, standing on things, and being the kind of kid you shouldn't take your eyes off of. Matt walked to the kitchen to put something away and Annie decided to climb up three steps before he could pry her off the stairs. Yep we've got trouble. Trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for... Pretty? Pudgy? Pancake? Take your pick.

Potting her escape! Also, the thighs!!!
I wouldn't say she's as much of a talker as Violet is (probably because Violet keeps doing all the talking!), but Annie's sounds are getting more meaningful. Everytime we go in the kitchen as she sees her bottles, she says "ba-ba" ever-so-hopefully. "Mmmum mum" at dinnertime means "more". I haven't figured out what "na-na" or "ya-ya" mean, and she makes a "vuh" that might or might not mean Violet.

These days Annie's favorite toys are definitely the ones that make noise. We pulled out the play table and a ride-on car with both light up and talk and play music and she can spend many a minute pushing buttons and doing this little head-bopping dance. She even claps along and keeps pretty good rhythm. I imagine birthday presents will include plenty more toys that make noise - here's hoping there's an off switch or a volume control!

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