Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve family group shot!

Happy New Year, friends!

2013 was good to us. I got pregnant and had a baby, all under the same calendar. Violet started a new school, I soaked up my maternity leave, we took several trips - the beach, Disney World, Colorado - it was a good year.

Here's hoping 2014 is just as wonderful. I think my word of the year will be balance. I'm going to strive to find that middle ground between work and home, both emotionally and mentally. Teaching is hard because it follows you home, not just physically in the papers you have to grade and plans you have to make, but it stays in your head. I've often had trouble falling asleep (or staying asleep) because everything that needs to be remembered and started and wrapped up and stayed on top of. Sometimes it can make it difficult to stay present. And I so want to be present for my girls. There have been many times where I have been pulled in so many directions, it leaves me feeling like I'm doing a bad job with everything. So, balance. I know it's not a novel concept. I know it's something we all strive for. But to me, now that my life is more full and precious than ever, it's more important than ever.

What about you, friends? Anything you're striving for this year?

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