4 Months

Happy four months to my little Annie! It's been a big few days. She has started sleeping in her own room upstairs, she got a brand new wardrobe (3-6 month clothes) and the next size diaper. She also tried some cereal today for the first time. (She was unimpressed. We'll try again later.)

Four months. It happened so fast!

She is still loving to suck her fingers, hands, or your knuckles. She is still hating the pacifier. Sigh. Every now and then I pop that thing in just to see what happens, but I'm resigned to the fact that she'll never like it. We don't even send one to daycare anymore. Oh well.

What we do send to daycare now is her swaddling blanket. They are crib training her, but she would spaz out anytime they laid her down. Since she sleeps swaddled at night, I got a doctor's note so she could be swaddled at daycare, and it has done the trick. I'm continuing the trend here at home so we won't undo all the hard work her teachers have done.

First nap in her crib. Only took 4 months!
She is taking to her nursery upstairs great. I think she likes the new colors and patterns she can look at. Last night I laid her down while she was still awake and watched her kick and coo for a few  minutes before she nodded right off. And then I nodded right off. What a difference the second child makes. When we moved Violet upstairs, I slept up in the guest room for a week before I was comfortable having her away from my side. I had no such qualms this time around! To be fair, it helps that Annie is such a rockin' sleeper. (Knock on wood.)

Now how do I get this thing into my mouth?

Thanks to PT, Annie has great head control and I can't see any noticeable signs of torticollis. She still isn't very strong on her tummy, which worries me a little. We'll see what her pediatrician has to say on Friday at the four month well check. She's meeting milestones in all other areas (reaching, grasping, laughing, cooing, supported sitting, responding to voices) so I'm hopeful we're on the right track.

As cliche as it is, I can't believe how quickly time has flown by!

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