Back at it

Violet gets a driving lesson. She looks mildly excited. We are in trouble!
We are back in the swing of things around here. I am in full working mode. It's amazing how the memory of those lazy maternity leave days just slips away once the daily grind of first grade starts up again. Now my day starts at 5:30 a.m. and doesn't slow down until I fall into bed (sometimes as early as 8:30, and I'm not even sad about it). It's all I can do to remember to prepare bottles for the next day before I pass out. But speaking of bottles, Annie is rocking it at daycare. She's such a sweet, easy-going girl. She just rolls with our crazy life. She has big smiles for anyone who talks to her and cares for her. What a blessing she is to me!

Just handing out.
 Now that I'm officially back in the real world, our days are busier than ever. This past weekend Matt and I went to a one-day marriage conference hosted by our church, followed by bowling (I bowled the best game of my life followed immediately by the worst game of my life). I start volunteering in the church nursery this weekend. Matt's been playing in the band at least twice a month. I'm going to a baby shower this weekend, planning another one for February, I have Violet's fourth (4!!!) birthday to figure out before too long, Annie has her 4-month well-check at the end of the month (on my birthday, actually!), we have circus tickets in a few weeks... I'm exhausted just thinking about it all.

Introducing Violet to the Lite Brite.
Violet started speech yesterday! I love that her speech teacher Stephanie works at my school - I get all sorts of fun updates from their sessions together. Violet was full of details herself when I picked her up from school. Apparently she played princess puzzles on the iPad, practiced her 'k' sounds, and my favorite quote of the day: "Miss Stephanie says she LOOOVES me!" I think it's the start of a beautiful friendship.

Trying to instill an early love of reading.
So, you know, our life goes on. As busy and crazy as it is!

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