First Day

I could not have asked for a better first day back into the working world. Thanks to the Great Freeze of 2014, my school was on at 9 a.m. delay, which meant extra time to get everyone ready this morning. And I needed it. I was running about 20 minutes behind, so now I'll know to adjust the alarm clock accordingly.

Annie rocked drop off. Violet was a mess (I don't want to go to school! I don't want to wear these pants! My coat is touching my face!) but Annie was wonderful. I nursed her in the morning and she was happy as a clam, hanging out in her car seat in the infant room when I left.

I cried the three minutes to school, but once I set foot in the building, it was non-stop. I didn't even have time to call and check in on either girl. While we were there, they announced that school is cancelled for tomorrow (can't have kids hanging out at the bus stop in 7 degree weather). I left by 4:30 and arrived at daycare just in time to nurse sweet girl and get an update on her day. Apparently it was great! She took all her bottles, she took a two-hour nap (so jealous! Her longest naps for me are barely 45 minutes!) and generally was her usual, sweet self.

Both girls will go to school tomorrow, now that we're in a routine, and I'm planning to swing by my own school (the copy machines were all broken today, so I'm still not prepared for the first day with my students). But it has been a great way to ease back into things. I think we can do this, folks!

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