Violet Baby

Feeding Violet Baby. Little Tiny Baby is sharing the chair.

Violet would like to introduce you to her baby, aptly named Violet Baby. (Which is still more creative than most of the names I came up with for my childhood toys. I tended to name all my teddy bears by the color of their fur, hence the slightly racist-sounding Brownie Bear and Whitey Bear.)

Violet has become quite attached to her little baby, insisting on having her in the car, at daycare, and of course, at night. She (the doll) has been forgotten at Target (we made it to the parking lot before we discovered her MIA) and taken to Sunday School (where she stays in the backpack and waits for Violet to come get her.

Getting ready to hit the road.
Violet has also adopted a voice for her doll. The other day I heard Violet screeching in an awful high-pitched croak. When I asked her what she just said, she promptly "translated" for her doll. I've used the doll as a means of convincing Violet to do something; when Violet doesn't want to get dressed, often her baby doll will get to put on her clothes, resulting in Violet quickly changing her mind and trying to beat her doll to the punch. Ah, the means we parents go through to get the results we need!

One proud mama!

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