Toddlers and Tiaras

My weekend was consumed by two things. Can you guess what they were?

On Friday I woke up early (having showered the night before to give myself maximum time) to watch the Royal Wedding. I managed to see the whole ceremony before rushing off to school, where several of us giddy teachers put it up on our interactive white boards and remained captivated. The kids didn't have a clue, but we just kept insisting "it's history! Watch it!" We even held off starting our school day until after the kiss! Huge nerds, all of us. I was so jealous of my friend who hosted a Royal Wedding party, complete with framed photos of the happy couple, a guest book, wedding cake, and tulle galore! (I have endured no end of ridicule from Matt. I just don't think boys understand.) Did you watch?

Exactly like my wedding... in that we both wore a white dress. Other than that...
On Saturday, Matt's parents came up (he to play golf with Matt, she to watch Violet while I went to book club - we watched Water for Elephants. Per usual, we all liked the book better than the movie, but the film itself was very good.) I also took the opportunity to drop a pretty penny on first-year-teacher stuff at Schoolbox. Teachers don't get paid enough. It is going to cost me a fortune to get my classroom up and running!

When I came home, I was greeted by the sight of Violet mid-Crayola masterpiece. It turned out to be more fun to throw the crayons on the ground and pick them up again than it was actually putting them to paper. Hey, as long as she doesn't put them in her mouth, I'm happy!

Taking a break to do some relaxing stretching. This is either downward-facing dog or the start of the handstand.

Playing 52 pickup. Hilarious. Violet had no idea how to get them all in her hand without some falling right back out again. Bless her heart, she didn't give up though!

I am the crayon master! Hear my roar and tremble!

Hanging with Grandpa after dinner.
Sunday we heard an awesome message at church and then played outside in the beautiful sunshine. It was a great weekend, and it ushered in the official start of our crazy overbooked next few months. I don't think there is a single weekend where we don't already have plans in some shape or form! Trying to enjoy every moment - happy May everyone!

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  1. Great baby minds think alike! http://milesawayfromsuburbia.blogspot.com/


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