15 Months - Time to Pump Some Iron

Violet's 15-month well-check was yesterday, and she's clocking in at 24-plus pounds (75th) and 31-plus inches (75th). That's my proportional girl! Her head, however... her head, at 18 3/4 inches, is in the 90th percentile, thus confirming what I have long suspected. She is, in fact, the smartest baby in the world.

She got her shots, including the MMR, which, as one of its side effects, can cause a fever ten days later. Know where we'll be in ten days? The beach. Exactly where you want to be if you're running a bit hot internally.

Finally, it turns out that Violet is a wee bit anemic. She needs some more iron. Which she will be receiving in the form of vitamin drops. Oh joy. This mama plans to sneak them into a daily cup of juice.

So all things considered, not a bad visit!

PS There's a new poll up! Look to your right... a bit higher... scroll up... there it is!

PPS Today is the last day of school for students!

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