I've been counting up the words Violet can say now. It's quite a number. Among them are: mama, dada, Elmo, night-night, snack, more, outside, bird, tweet-tweet (bird sound), dog, cat, and the always favorite bye-bye (buh-buh).

We recently had to say buh-buh to one of Violet's favorite people in the whole world. Ms. Tracey, her daycare teacher, moved to the other campus this week. This makes me sad for so many reasons. Tracey has been such a source of knowledge to me, from the time Violet started daycare. She taught Violet to roll over and wouldn't give in to her pitiful cries during the dreaded tummy time. She couldn't wait for me to come get Violet the day my girl took her first steps - she was watching my face the whole time Violet toddled over. She's given advice on sleeping, feeding, random first-time mom questions. And for a long time, she was the only one in the infant room that Violet wanted anything to do with. So it is sad to see her go, and I'm madly jealous of all the kiddos at the other school who get to spend time with her every day. We miss you Tracey!

Trying to sneak up on Violet to snap a picture... she noticed me too quickly!

Violet decided to play shy...

Even though Violet misses Tracey, snack time always cheers her up!

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