How We Celebrate Valentine's Day

This picture, and Matt's caption... So true, hilariously true.
We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day around here. Proof? See above. I think back when we were dating, Matt and I probably did the typical dinner date night. Although even then, it seems like we went a day or two early, or stayed in a cooked for ourselves. There might have been cards exchanged, but more than likely not. Definitely no gifts. Valentine's Day is a lot like New Year's Eve to me... lots of hype, overrated, full of letdowns. Heart of stone, perhaps?

I'm setting the bar pretty low for our children, too. Violet had her party at school, so I considered my job done. I don't think anyone even mentioned Valentines on February 14 in our house. My gift of love to Violet was saying yes every time she asked if she could eat a piece of her candy (I've learned to let her get it out of the way quickly... less painful for all of us).

She did partake in Daddy Daughter Date Night at Chick-fil-a a few weekends ago, however. My brother was able to pull some strings and snag Matt a reservation (a perk of running the restaurant), made extra fun by the fact that my dad was providing the live musical accompaniment.

My dad's hands, jamming out at Chick-fil-a Daddy Daughter Date Night.

The Daddy and Daughter.
And I had my own Galentine's celebration with some lovely neighbors. Actually, we went out to celebrate all our January/February birthdays, it just happened to be Valentine's weekend. We decided to class it up at The Melting Pot, since most of us had never been before. You guys, I'm still painfully full. I might have to take the day off from eating. But we had fun, despite the fact that we had to cook our own food.

Happy Birthday to us!

It's embarrassing how much we were able to eat.

Death by chocolate.
 I leave you with a recent drawing of Violet's. This is her and a boy in her class, holding hands (!!)

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