As I type this, school has just been cancelled for the fourth day in a row, up here in the 'burbs of Atlanta. We are iced in. Today we were lucky enough to enjoy some actual snowflakes for about 15 minutes, but for the most part, it's the ice that has done us in.

Joke all you want about snow in the South, but no one messes with ice. We were fortunate not to lose power, as so many I know did. Four days of no school, even for this happy teacher, seems to be bordering on ridiculous at this point. But our superintendent took a tour of the area and apparently conditions differ drastically from the north and south parts of the county.

So I'm enjoying an unexpected long vacation from work. Daycare has only closed one of those days, so it's actually been quite a nice break! I've continued putting back the disaster that is my house after getting new floors, I've finished some last minute details for Violet's Movie Night birthday party this Friday, I've read two (2!!) books...

This was supposed to be Teacher Appreciation Week at the school. Needless to say, I'm enjoying it!

I can't stop taking pictures of the trees... they are so sparkly and glittery!

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