Family Weekend

In honor of my mom's retirement from a long and illustrious teaching career, and an early Father's Day celebration for my dad, who will be out of town on the actual day, I hosted a family weekend up here in our neck of the woods.
Playing with Papa.

Water baby!

Chillin' to the max!

Post-pool nap. 

Mimi time!

Everyone gathered Friday night for the traditional pizza and movie night. Violet picked Despicable Me, which we've seen often but was new to everyone else. It elicited quite a few belly laughs from my brother. It's funny, I'm often so distracted and multitasking during movie night, I think I've watched the whole thing. But subsequent viewings always leave me with a new scene or a line I missed. The part where Gru puts the three girls to bed and has to read them an insufferable children's book is always a favorite. But the new line that had me cracking up when when the girls request to hear said insufferable children's book and Gru replies, "It was accidentally destroyed. Maliciously." Ha! There are a few books in Violet's room that I would not be sad to see meet the same fate, not gonna lie.

Saturday we enjoyed my dad's amazing omelet (which we decided is actually more of a frittata), the boys went to gather grilling supplies, and then we all hit the pool. It was a lounging, do what you feel like, kind of day. We capped the day off with burgers on the grill and brownies for dessert, enjoyed on the "party porch," courtesy of my new patio lights. It was a great way to spend time with family!

The party porch!

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