Annie 9 Months

It's getting harder to get a picture that's not blurry!
 So we're a couple days late (blame a beach trip and a stomach bug) but here it is, Annie at nine months. It's getting harder and harder to capture pictures that aren't blurry. She's always on the move these days. Sweet girl is trying so hard to crawl. I'd have to go back and check, but I think she's matching up with Violet as far as the crawling milestone. Probably by 10 months she'll have it down. But oh how she wants to. She lunges forward, pushes up on her knees, leeeeeans over, and her one little thigh and its multitude of rolls just gets caught up underneath her. She either face plants or wisely sits back, often to try the same move in the other direction. She can actually scoot herself across the floor in this manner, or she can roll herself where she wants to go. Practical girl, use the skills you've got! She starting to pull up on things, so the bumper is gone and the crib is being lowered. The infant carrier is out and the convertible car seats are in. I just can't lug that carrier around anymore - I've been taking her out and carrying her everywhere for a week or two now.

Currently there are two top teeth attempting to push through. I saw just the slightest line of white while we were at the beach. Here's hoping they cut though quickly. And speaking of teeth, this girl eats everything in sight. Short of really hard or chewy food, she eats it. Favorites right now include mandarin oranges, green beans and cheerios. Annie is just as vocal as ever. We hear lots of ya-ya-yas and ah-dahs. I've also heard some mama! She's doesn't mean me yet, but at least I know she can make the sounds now.

Tomorrow we go for our nine-month well-check and shots. Whoo-hoo! I'm going to see what they think about her eyes, as one is still tracking slightly behind the other. PT recommended we get a referral to a pediatric ophthalmologist. Fun times. But other than that, I'm pleased with where she is physically and developmentally. It's funny, other babies her age are crawling or pulling up, standing, whatever. I'm just so excited she can roll over and has full rotation of her neck. Every little achievement of hers seems like such a huge accomplishment because we've had to work much harder to get there. But honestly, she's such an awesome baby. I could have more if I knew they would be just as easy going and awesome as her!

EDIT: Here are the stats from our well-check: height - 29 3/4 inches (98th percentile!), weight - 22 pounds (90-95th percentile!), head circumference - 18 1/4 inches (95th percentile!). We have ourselves a big girl!

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