Being Sisters

Sweet big sister helping Annie with some breakfast.
They seem to genuinely like each other. Annie is certainly a happier baby when she has her big sister to watch and play with. There have been a few scuffles, like when I resurrect an old Violet toy for Annie to play with and Violet suddenly develops attachment syndrome, nevermind that she hasn't played with her Little People farm in a good two years and had zero percent interest until Annie figured out how to make the chicken cluck-cluck. But for the most part, Violet runs around like her crazy self and Annie is content to watch and learn and squeal. Moments like these are exactly what I was hoping for with sisters - I'm so glad I got two girls!

(Truth: a girl and a boy would have been fine of course!)

(Truthier: I was secretly hoping for another girl.)

Taking a walk together, they insisted on touching each other the whole time.

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