Just a Sprinkle

This weekend my sweet neighbors threw a little "sprinkle" for me. I didn't need a full-on shower for baby number two, especially considering we're having another girl. So a sprinkle was just right. They did an awesome job with the gray/white/yellow theme, and then gifted all the decorations to me for the nursery, win-win!

And even though I don't need a lot of new stuff for this baby (thank goodness), it still felt so wonderful to be surrounded by friends and family. I might have been sprinkled with gifts, but I definitely felt showered with love for this new sweet girl of ours!

From yellow cherry tomatoes to banana pudding cups, even the food fit the theme!

I didn't have the cute little number stickers to count the months with Violet, so score one for little sister!

Party decor turned nursery art - love!

And while us ladies were getting our party on, the kids were hanging out with Matt and the other dads. Baby Will and Violet were quite entranced with each other. Violet kept going in for a kiss, Will kept trying to pull her hair... Ah, young love!

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