Here We Go Again!

Welcome to First Grade! (Can you guess which theme goes with my classroom?)
It's here! The first day of school is a mere handful of hours away! It will be a weird year, considering I'll be leaving my kiddos in the middle of it, but I'm still excited to get it underway.

The fabulous first grade team! Love these girls!
Violet started her new school this Monday, and it has been a great move. Of course, it helps that her two BFFs switched to the same school we did, and they put all the girls in the same classroom. (Hopefully that won't turn out to be a mistake!) The teacher reported that Violet hasn't quite come out of her shell yet. To which I replied, "enjoy that while you can!" So far I am extremely pleased with our experience there, from the facilities to the staff to the level of communication. We already have our spot reserved for Little Miss number two!

First Day of School picture. Nice.

Seriously, this girl will not pose for me anymore!

Had to suck up to the teachers a little bit!

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