Birthday Do-Over

Remember when Violet turned three? We had our special birthday breakfast before school... she was all grins and silliness...? Yeah, well, what I never mentioned is that I got a call from daycare that afternoon telling me to come get the birthday girl because the poor thing was throwing up.

I got her home, assuring myself it was just a fluke, probably too many treats at school, she'd be fine in the morning, just in time for her big Build-a-Bear birthday bash. Except then she threw up all over the couch.

Still I was feeling relatively confident the show could go on. It was probably just a bit of a stomach bug, nothing a good night's rest couldn't cure. But then she threw up at 2 a.m., all over herself and her bed. Twice. And I knew at that point that her party was toast.

And thus began a miserable birthday weekend. I scrambled the next morning to contact all the party guests, telling them we would NOT be at the mall for cupcakes and teddy bears that morning. Violet continued to be sick all day, on the couch, once on me... She refused to eat anything, and wasn't able to keep down anything I did manage to bribe her with. (When this kid refuses cookies and ice cream, you know something is legitimately wrong.) Her only Saturday activities were watching movies, sleeping, and throwing up. We skipped church on Sunday and Grandma came up later that day so Matt and I could go to a funeral (I'm telling you, the weekend just kept getting worse!) and stayed through Monday so Violet could have one more day to recover.

All that to say... both her Build-a-Bear party and our family party were cancelled. And while I'm still working on rescheduling the bears, we finally had our family up for a birthday re-do. Three started pretty rough, but this has now turned into the never-ending birthday celebration. It was so nice to celebrate with our parents and my brother and sis-in-law. Violet got some cute new things to go in her newly-organized playroom (Matt went on a cleaning/organizing/sorting rampage this morning, determined to get rid of some unused toys to make way for the upcoming loot.)

The Big 3, Finally!

So I think I can safely say that Violet had a pretty good third birthday. And hey, being three can only improve from here!

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