Doctors and Dentists

Now that Violet is three, there were some check-ups to be made. First we headed to the pediatrician. Luckily there were no shots this time, although Violet did experience the novelty of peeing in a cup. She's 39 1/4 inches tall (90-97 percentile) and 34.8 pounds (90 percentile). No surprises there, based on how she towers over some of her school friends. Now that Violet is old enough, the pediatrician conducted a little interview with her, asking her to point out various colors, tell her age, and perform a few tricks (jumping on one foot, for example). She passed with flying colors, although the doctor did note her speech and suggest we get her screened for early intervention. Again, no surprise there. Already on my summer to-do list!

Next on the list was Violet's first official dentist appointment. We did a lot of talking leading up to the appointment about what to expect and how to behave. I'm happy to say that Violet did great! No meltdowns, no refusals, and she only asked to go home once. So glad we've gotten this one out of the way.

Violet has become quite the little story teller lately. On the way home from school she'll say, "Mom," (oh yeah, she's started calling me 'mom' instead of 'mommy'. I do not approve.) "Mom, do you want to hear a scary story?" she'll ask. "Yesterday," (because all her stories start with 'yesterday'. This signifies merely that the story is happening some time in the past.) "Yesterday, when Daddy was a little baby, he burned himself." End of story. Then, "Mom, do you want to hear a funny story? Yesterday when I was a baby, I fell down and hurt my collarbone." (I promise not all the stories about are injuries, those are just the two I can remember. We hear the "Daddy burned himself" story a lot for some reason.)

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