Happy Birthday Violet!

 Today this noodle turns three years old! Where has the time gone?!

Birthday breakfast at McD's!

We've packed a lot into the last year. Violet is becoming a pro at road trips, especially this last one to Disney World. She loves all things princess and horses right now. She's becoming quite the technology expert, figuring out how to pause and restart the tv, how to get around on the iPad. Minnie Mouse is still a big winner, she's loving her ballet class at school, and can't get enough of books.

Next week she starts pre-K prep, a class that is much more academically structured. Which means she'll be learning handwriting, letters, have homework. Not sure I'm ready for all that!But I know she is, smart girl. She loves to pretend like she's writing words and letter (her favorite Disney souvenir was the three dollar Minnie notebook and pen I got her - she scribbled all the way home!)

I can't wait to see what being three holds for us!

I'm three!

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