Walking the White Halls

I wasn't going to do it. I wasn't going to surrender my summer a moment before I had to by going into school. I've been trying my hardest to not even think about school. I've even started avoiding Pinterest because all the school-related pins were just bringing me down.

But then I shipped Violet off for three days to her grandmothers. And then I found out some friends were going to work on their classrooms. I knew the thought of other people getting a jump start on things would just cause me anxiety, trying to relax at home. I hate knowing other people are getting ahead of me. So I bit the bullet.

School or mental institution... you decide.

Definitely looks better than how we ended the year, though!
As you can see, they've done quite a bit of work this summer for us! In the two days I've gone in, I managed to get my room unpacked, arranged, and organized. Next time I go in (hopefully not until the week of pre-planning) I'll work on hanging things on the wall, making new materials for the year, putting student names on everything. We all have new classrooms this year, so figuring out where things will go and trying to adjust to a new layout has made things interesting. Hopefully I'll be happy with the choices I'm making.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm getting the teensiest bit exciting about the coming year.

Now I'm off to lay on the couch in my child-free house and enjoy the rest of my summer, thank you very much!

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