Boston in Pictures

Lunch break. It is so strange (to me) to see a bunch of nicely dressed business people with their shoes off, lounging on the grass.

A statue dedicated to ether, of all things. You'd have to hear the whole story, but this thing is hilariously frightening.

Chillin' in the park with Daddy.

Make way for ducklings!

Violet's first carousel ride! She freaked out until it started, but then seemed to get the hang of things.

My pal Paul Revere at the Old North Church (of "one if by land, two if by sea" fame).

Old Ironsides - the USS Constitution.

Playing with Grandma while we toured the Constitution.

Happy girl! (Notable because she wasn't such a happy camper the majority of the day. Apparently three days of non-stop sightseeing was one day too many.)

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