The End of Summer

I know, it's hot as blazes outside right now, how can it be the end of summer? Alas, my wonderful break is drawing to a close. I've been up to the school a half-dozen times already, working on my classroom. And this Monday, I'm starting Violet in daycare so she can ease back into our routine before the real fun of pre-planning starts.

At the "simma poo!"
But we're making a pretty good end of things around here. Lately we've been staying busy with trips to the pool, a Braves game, date night with a turn at the movies (I feel like we haven't been the theater together in years!), and fun with friends. I've been speed reading through as many books as I can, with the feeling that reading for pleasure will be put on hold for a while. I got 12 under my belt this break, including this favorite and this classic! I also fulfilled my New Year's Resolution of reading and watching all of Harry Potter again.

"Helping" get my classroom ready.
This summer has been very different from last year's. Violet is so independent now, we can carry on conversations together, and I've had more me-time, like joining a new Bible study and book club. I've enjoyed her and my family more because of it. And while I didn't accomplish everything on my summer wish-list, I'm okay with that.

Babysitting these adorable two!

Tomorrow I have my first official back-to-school meeting with my first grade team, and I know my brain will just be awash with details and ideas and to-do lists as soon as it starts, so this is my last peaceful evening before the madness begins anew. Summer 2012, you have been good to us.

Testing out a few "big girl" beds. We converted Violet's crib to a toddler bed earlier this week and so far, the transition has been seamless!

Spontaneous Friday night Braves game!

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  1. Good luck with going back to school! It was nice to see you the other day, especially since I was in a funky mood. Thanks for lending an ear and lifting my spirits!! xo :)


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