Party Girl

It's still bizarre to me that Violet is old enough to get invited to birthday parties. Violet, naturally, does not find this strange at all. My girl can spot a cupcake a mile away. Recently we went to a party of a school mate, a fun playdate at her house. The girls loved running around, cooking in the play kitchen and jumping in the living room ball pit. And it was my first actual playdate as well, where I didn't really know any of the other moms there but had to make nice conversation and not act like a weirdo. We had the typical mom small talk - potty training, extra curricular activities, domestic duties - which is still pretty surreal to me. Hopefully I acted like an old pro at the whole playdate thing. Maybe we'll be asked out again, who knows!

Going for it!

Um, there's something on your face...

Violet and the birthday girl.

Back of the present, Violet! It's not your birthday!

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