At the Door

See this face? This is the face of someone off to their last day of the first year of teaching first grade. (Notice the bags under my eyes?) Yep, I survived. The kids are safely off to the loving (and I imagine, quickly exasperated) arms of their parents. I have two days of post-planning/moving classrooms and then my summer will officially start. I can't wait!

In the meantime, listen to this interesting story. The other day a little old man rang our doorbell. This is odd because first off, no one ever rings our doorbell. Our visitors usually pound on the back door (or more than likely, just let themselves in). Secondly, when the doorbell does ring, it's never a little old man standing there.

This little old man also happened to be clutching an extremely gaudy gold picture frame with an ugly faded purple matting. "I have something for you," he announced, thrusting the frame into Matt's arms. As it turns out, our home's first owner was standing on the front steps. He told us that all the original owners in the neighborhood received a special gift upon moving in - an aerial shot of their home. He and his wife discovered the old picture as they were cleaning out their current home in preparation to move and he took the time to drive it over and bequeath it to us.

Not something that happens every day, I dare say.

So I promptly discarded the ugly frame and faded matting, classed it up a bit, and look!

Our house, from the sky!


  1. I love this! Maybe James and I will drop in on future inhabitants with a random house gift too ;)

  2. That's awesome. And it is reminiscent of Matt's parents' drawing of their house. How sweet of him.

  3. The picture must have meant a lot to him to make the trip to your house to deliver it. I hope he was impressed with the young couple who now live in "his" house. It is always hard to go back. Never the same house, but great to see that someone else loves it like you once did.


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