Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

For Mother's Day, Matt and Violet took me to the Georgia Aquarium!

First we had to make a quick stop at Target to get a new umbrella stroller. Then we had a delicious breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants, The Flying Biscuit. After that we had to make a run to Old Navy because Violet needed a change of pants (mental note: start packing extra outfits). Finally we were on our way, only to have to wait an hour at the aquarium until our entrance time. Most exhausting preparations ever!

But once we made it in to see the fish, it was so much fun! Violet immediately went on a quest to find Nemo. We sadly realized clown fish are not in abundance in the world's largest aquarium. But we did spot Dori, otters, penguins, "really BIG fish!" and Violet totally got into it. What a fun Saturday outing!

At the bottom of the deep blue sea, just you and me...
Feeling small.
Posing with my bestie!

Of course, once we got home I had to go and sprout a 102 degree fever that put me on the couch the rest of the night. Some forced R&R, perhaps? Lucky for me, I have a wonderful husband who totally took over parenting duties and let me lay around like a slug and empty our DVR of all the back episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids". I'm still trying to bounce back.

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