Happy Birthday Violet!

In what is quickly becoming a new tradition, I didn't manage to get Violet's birthday party scheduled until March! But nonetheless, it happened and it was awesome and I'm getting smart enough to outsource the entire thing. Last year we took a small group out to the movies and ice cream, which was great, but turned out to be rather like chaperoning a field trip. 

This year Violet insisted on a party at our local trampoline park. For one lovely price, all I had to do is show up with a cake. Everything else was taken care of - we had our own party room, our own hostess who served the pizza, cut the cake, cleaned everything up... it was a steal. Instead of goody bags full of cheap crap just begging to be thrown away, I went to Walmart and bought each guest their own giant bouncing ball. Everyone jumped until they were dizzy, gobbled up lunch and cake, and went home happy. Plus it happened to be an absolutely gorgeous day, which means that most people were playing outside and home, and we had the place practically to ourselves (as opposed to rainy days when desperate parents with cranky kids flood the place).

Here's to my seven-year-old. She's reading chapter books now, can tie her shoes, showers instead of taking baths, but still wants to snuggle in bed with me and play with her little sister. She has mastered the cartwheel and handstand in gymnastics, insists on hugging me when we run into each other in the school hallways, and holds Friday night movie night sacred above all other family traditions. It's good to be Violet. It's good to be her mom.

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