Girl Scouts

Violet has been having a great year in Girl Scouts. I'm glad we elected to keep her in the same Daisy troop even though we changed schools. Our early-start schedule allows us to still make it to the meetings (although it means I sacrifice my Friday afternoons of prepping for the next week). I got "promoted" to assistant troop leader this year, which basically means I lend my moral support to whatever our fabulous troop leader decides to do. She's amazing and I'm just here to watch!

We participated in World Thinking Day a couple weekends ago. There were various countries represented, set up with booths and food samples and interesting facts, all designed and led by older Girl Scouts. Did you know that Scotland's national animal is the unicorn?! Yep, fun fact brought to you by World Thinking Day. The girls had a great time on their tour of the world, tasting food, getting their passports stamped, goofing off with each other.

We also had our first cookie booth this year! The girls rocked it, singing songs about cookies and hawking their wares to the Walmart crowds. Violet did a great job selling cookies this year, more than doubling her total from last year! It helped that I slapped a notice on social media on January 1, the first day cookies are available for purchase. Of course, that means I'm still trying to deliver cookies to everyone that ordered. If you haven't gotten yours yet - I'm so sorry! Just look at it this way - when everyone else has long eaten theirs, you'll still have some and everyone will be jealous!

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