For the record, when you say yes to kids, they just keep asking for more.
So I did it. I totally jumped on the coloring book bandwagon. I'm such a trend follower, sigh. But it falls under my new resolution to be more creative this year, so I'm giving myself a pass.

And you know what, it's just as lovely and relaxing as everyone keeps saying it is. I opted for this book because it was co-authored by an art therapist, lending it a bit of legitimacy. And it is organized into areas of life where one might need a bit of stress relief - relationships, work, health, commuting... (that last one makes me laugh, but it is so true. Just don't color while commuting, perhaps.)

I opted for a page from the chapter on "time". Yes, I'm stressed about the amount of time (or lack thereof) in my life. So ironically, I used up some of those precious minutes on this:

But it worked! I felt lovely while coloring away. It was a way better activity than, say, scrolling endlessly through facebook or falling down a click-bait rabbit hole. At one point, I even realized how much more rested my eyeballs felt, staring at these soothing, mellow colors instead of the harsh glare of the screen. And while I can't say I had any super profound thoughts while coloring, it was actually kind of nice not having any thoughts at all. It was a great way to disconnect for a few moments. So, I'm a believer. Here's to more coloring!

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