Home Sick

Violet and I are home "sick" today.

To be fair, she ran a low-grade fever after school yesterday and just did not seem like herself. Very whiny, very lethargic. She really wanted to stay home the next day (Annie got to stay home one day last week with pink eye) but I told her she would probably be fine in the morning.

Well, at 3:30 a.m. she came downstairs in tears because she had thrown up in the bed. When Matt brought the bedding downstairs to start the wash, I did a quick inspection and to be honest, it didn't seem all that bad. Violet said she had woken up to drink some water and the two sips made her throw up. But vomit plus fever equal a day with no school, which is what I told her when she asked. She then promptly asked to watch tv (at three in the morning!) but I squashed that request. Of course, knowing I'd be out of school meant my brain was fired up, thinking through lesson plans and what I would need to tell the sub and how I would have to reorganize my day.

After dropping off Annie at daycare, Violet and I went in to work so I could get my day in order for the sub. There is so much I do on a daily basis that just lives in my head, and it is so hard to communicate that to a stranger! Plus there were a few wild cards happening today, like a tornado drill and a Birds of Prey special assembly, that had to be accounted for. The good news is, being the co-taught classroom means I have teachers coming into my room several times a day to assist, so hopefully between them and the sub, the kids will muddle through okay.

And then I just had to let it go and walk away. We call it a "forced sabbatical" around here. Something out of your control is forcing you to step back, reprioritize, take a break. So I'm going to do my best to enjoy my day off. So far it has involved four loads of laundry and remaking of beds (germs germs).

The good news is, Violet doesn't seem sick at all. (Have I been hoodwinked?) She has a great appetite, no fever, plenty of energy, and she has been asking to do school work! We stopped by her classroom and picked up the work she was missing today, and so far we've done it all: math sheet (she asked for extra math problems on the back), a reading comprehension sheet, practiced sight words, and did her classroom homework and speech homework. Next she has decided it will be recess time and then lunch. She's a nerd after my own heart!

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