Elsa and Anna

Ah, Halloween. I've written numerous times about how this just isn't my holiday. But nonetheless, with the exception of putting on a costume myself, I can still get into the (spooky) spirit of things. This year we had a great crew in the neighborhood. We started at one end of the street with dinner, then trick-or-treated our way to the other end of the street (it's a fairly long street) for the after-party.

My girls were Elsa and Anna (Frozen forever!) and although it may not have been the freshest costume idea, they were adorable as sisters. We even had Olaf show up! Violet was on her mission to collect candy, and Annie was pretty proficient at it, too. She insisted on walking (or being carried... so much for the stroller we brought) most of the way. After the candy haul, everyone played and ate till full to bursting, then Annie promptly fell asleep in the 30 seconds it took us to drive home. Good times.

The crew!

The grown-ups!

Matt decided to call himself the lead singer of Counting Crows, while I pulled a "Reece Witherspoon in Wild" card.

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