Fall Break

For the very first time, our county planned a Fall Break in our calendar. To say we were ready for a break is an understatement! Sure I'm heading back to the toughest three weeks (assessments! report cards! parent-teacher conferences!) and our first field trip, but having a week off has been nice.

So while the rest of the county opted to go to Disney World (seriously, I know so many people who went there), Annie is just too young to want to take on that challenge. Next year, definitely. But this year we opted to stick around town. Here are a few of the ways we spent our time.

On Wednesday we headed into Atlanta to visit Legoland. My children are probably not the target audience here, especially since Annie was too little to be allowed onto the rides or play structure. They were done after about an hour. Still, Annie got to hear a story and build some farm animals during the toddler hour, and they enjoyed the 4D movie. Annie especially got a kick out of the earthquake tables (build a lego structure, hit a button, see if the earthquake motion can knock it over). She cracked up whenever the pieces went tumbling. Plus it got us out of the house for the morning. But I think they enjoyed our stop at Ikea afterwards just as much if not more.


The weather has been pretty dreary all week. I think there has been a grand total of 7 hours of sunshine the entire break. So our proposed Thursday trip to the zoo was looking pretty dicey. On the way downtown, I decided to google the High Museum as an indoor back-up plan. It ended up being an awesome move.

They have a Mo Willems exhibit, of "Don't Let Pigeon Drive the Bus!" fame. The art was hung at kiddie eye level, and Violet got really into the scavenger hunt and drawing lessons. Her pigeon and Knuffle Bunny were pretty spot on!

Don't let Annie drive the bus!

After seeing the exhibit, we headed to toddle story time and then a DIY art class where the kids were invited to make stick art. Violet created a dog, Matt made a Christmas tree, I made a piece I affectionately named "Flower in Winter" and Annie made... well, a mess! I was surprised at how seriously Violet took it all. She's really gotten into drawing and following directions and answering questions... I credit kindergarten. This is a girl who really knows how to do school, and seems to be thriving!

Let's make some art!

The outdoor art installation - finally art the kids were allowed to touch!
Other fall break fun included a playdate with Mimi and a sleepover at Grandma's house. We offered to take the girls to the aquarium, but given the choice between that and staying at Grandma's house to play... well, they chose playtime!

The last big event of the break will be Annie's birthday party on Satursday! Girlfriend is finally getting her official celebration, complete with friends and family and of course, cupcakes! She is so excited. Every time I remind her that she's going to have a party, she responds with a Keanu Reeves worthy "whoa!" and then proceeds to sing "Happy Birthday" to herself. Little nut!

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