At the Pumpkin Patch

We have taken advantage of this absolutely perfect fall weather this weekend. Yes, I should be working on parent-teacher conference reports. Yes, I should be finalizing my grade book for report cards. But YES, I am hanging out with my sweet girls under a cloudless blue sky, enjoying this season!

The corn pit!

Corn angels? 
The always favorite bumpy slide!

We took the girls to Warbington Farm yesterday after Violet's early morning soccer game. It's my speed of pumpkin patch - inflatables for the kids, a "hey" ride with a tractor to see some cows, a pretty little pumpkin patch with overpriced pumpkins (that we managed to escape without having to buy this year!), some slides, a refreshment stand with 50 cent ice cream... maybe one day my children will want to tackle a full-blown corn maze, but until then, we're keeping it low-key and loving it.

I told her the cows were coming and this is what she did.

She warmed up to the idea of getting up close and personal with the bovines.

Baby goats!

Thinking her cute face can convince me to buy an overpriced pumpkin.

Sweet and silly girls.

Last year's trip... my how we've grown.

This girl loves the corn pit, no matter what age!

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