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Lunch with Uncle Lukas!
Well, we've made it through the first month of school. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. This time of the year is nuts. But we're finally chugging along in a good routine (just in time to start soccer and Girl Scouts and small group). But it's the fullness that makes it good, right?

Things that have happened: Uncle Lukas came home for a brief visit (we snagged a lunch date) and my friend Jen had a housewarming party. I got to hang out with some of my oldest (and favoritest) friends.

Jen's new house! Er... backyard!
Violet has decided she likes kindergarten! She no longer cries when she sees me. We worked out a deal  - I come and give her a hug every day in the cafeteria when I go collect my class, and that seems to make her happy. Our paths cross occasionally on the playground or in the hallway, and she always super excited to see me. She seems to have made a few good friends too. She was invited to Madeline (her new BFFs) birthday party after only one week of school, so clearly she made a good impression!

For someone who wakes up independently so early in the morning, Violet is still not a morning person. I've told her I can't wait for her to be old enough to drink coffee! So getting ready for school continues to be a struggle some days. But once we're finally in the building, she's normally good to go. She loves buying breakfast from the school, so that is motivating (and gets us out the door faster now that she can skip eating at home).

Kindergarten pals!

Kona Ice day!
So far both girls have only missed one day of school each due to illness (knock on wood). Both times, our fabulous moms were able to come stay and allow me to go to work. Annie's illness, just this past Thursday, was some kind of stomach bug that resulted in her throwing up all over me when I came to get her. And I mean, all. over. me. Down the shirt. In the shoes. It was nasty. But she bounced back quickly, thank goodness. Violet was devastated that Annie got to stay home and she didn't. That early morning pre-coffee fight was also nasty, in its own way. But overall, both girls have transitioned really well to this school year.

Golf cart rides and ice cream while Mommy was at book club.

Sister love.
I have to say, kindergarten is amazing. Already Violet is blossoming. She wanted to write a story this weekend, and asked me how to the spell the following words: "It was a very dark and stormy night and a good night for a party..." Can't wait to see how this one ends! I love watching her handwriting improve, hearing her stories from the day, and it is such a bonus to have her in the building with me, around teachers I know and trust.

Good night for a party, eh?

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