Catching Up

I'm catching my first cold of the school year. I've seen it coming for a few days now. Nothing like a student wiping their nose with their hands and then asking if you will hold their hand on the way to bus dismissal. Those sweet, germy kids of mine.

Still, it didn't stop us from having a jam-packed weekend. Friday night was our school movie night, followed Saturday morning by an 8:30 soccer game. Violet got to play goalie for a while and she said it was her favorite part of the game. We ran errands that afternoon, hit up the grocery store for the week, I graded papers, did laundry, all so we could watch the Bulldogs play their butts off that evening over with some friends. I was volunteering in Annie's Sunday school class this morning, then we had the afternoon to get things put in order before another work week starts. All with this lovely head cold brewing. Such is life. It never stops. And while I didn't take many pictures of this weekend, here are a few that continue to tell the story of our lives.

Green Lightning takes the field!
The jury is still out on whether soccer will be in Violet's future. I'm definitely seeing improvement after every practice and game. After the first game she complained that she wanted a new position, the "running and kicking" position. (She's been on offense and well, our team hasn't had much opportunity for offense this season.) But she seemed to like goalie this past Saturday, so hopefully the coach will continue to let her explore some different positions. I don't think she will ever be super aggressive on the field, but I'm proud of her for getting out there, following directions and generally trying her best.

Truth: this picture looks so sweet, doesn't it. Don't worry. 4.7 seconds after I took it, they were both in tears. Violet decided to pull rank and not let Annie stay in the play tent, Annie pitched a fit for not being allowed to do every exact thing she sees her big sister do. Just thought you all should know the truth behind this blissful moment.

When Violet grows up, she wants to be a teacher. Don't worry, I've got time to talk her out of it.

If looks could kill...
Annie has developed quite the pouty face. She whips it out at the blink of an eye if you cross her. In this particular case, she had just dumped out an entire water bottle in her lap on purpose. So I did what any normal mom would do -  I took the water bottle away. I was rewarded by this death glare. This little stinker also got out of bed eight times last night. At one point I found her laying down at the top of the stairs; I think she was trying to hide from me but still see what was going on downstairs without her! Her new trick is to get out of bed in the middle of the night and go into Violet's room. Generally Violet is completely dead to the world asleep (thank goodness!) and Matt or I have to go fetch Annie and walk her back to her bed. She's a mess! Also, she will be two on Wednesday! Crazy!

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