My Best Friend's Wedding

Book club reunion - love these girls!
One of my oldest, dearest friends got married last weekend. She was in my wedding, many moons ago, and I was honored she asked me to be in her's. Jen has always marched to her own beat, and I knew her wedding would be no different. We got to pick our own dresses, the bouquets were handmade out of wood flowers (wood... you heard me... they were awesome), it was as unique and personal as they come. The reception was outside, and it was just a bit chilly! But I know the bride and groom had a blast, and that's pretty much all that counts.

Attempting to write my matron-of-honor speech... about 5 minutes before show time!
Once I saw the program during the rehearsal, it sunk in that Jen had asked me to be her matron of honor (and wow, does that title make me feel old). Since most of my good Jen stories involve borderline illegal activity, writing the speech was much harder than anticipated. Come reception time, I still had nada. I asked pretty much everyone there I knew, typed up some notes on my friend's phone, and went for it. Matt said it was pretty good.

Jen insisted on having a bouncy house. I think she was more excited about that than anything!

Love this girl. We've come a long way since our midnight Waffle House trips and toilet-papering houses.

Mr. and Mrs!

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