Fall Festival

Photo credit: Violet Loughman
 It is freezing outside right now. Old Man Winter came a little earlier than expected and none of us Georgians seem to know what to do about it. I'm still busy trying to admire the fall leaves! Yet here we are, one week to Thanksgiving with only three weeks until Christmas after that. I start sweating if I think too much about it. Matt flat-out refused to bring the Christmas decorations out of the attic yesterday, trying to hold onto our "no Christmas before Thanksgiving" rule. And generally I'm on board, but this year I'm feeling the time crunch. Anyone started shopping yet? No, don't tell me. It will just stress me out!

Getting nails did by Ms Courtney at the Fall Festival
The girls' school had their winter fall festival yesterday. Annie's nap stretched late, so we arrived in time for the last 45 minutes. But that meant the crowds were thin, so we still had a good time. Annie refused to look at any of her teachers - I think she was afraid I was going to leave her there! She perked up at the rubber ducky water table, and boo-hooed when it was time to leave the bouncy house. Violet did her thing where she suddenly and inexplicably turns shy, but she loved getting her nails and hair done.

Some good friends came over for dinner. It's been way too long. I swear last time we saw "Baby" Will he was just figuring out how to walk! Now I have a toddler of my own! It's so nice to catch up.

Will's first trip to the big kids' table!
Annie's favorite new activity is being naked. She doesn't necessarily start taking her clothes off everywhere like some stories I've heard, but the minute she is undressed the takes off running and chortling. She even does the pause, look over the shoulder, wait for you, take off again laughing. And the belly. Oh my. My child is built like a line backer!

We know so many boys...

Mutual Admiration Society
Next up: five more days of school, then we're dashing off to my dear friend's wedding to kick off Thanksgiving break. Oh and how this break is much needed. I'm trying not to put anything on the to-do list other than Christmas decorations, a little pampering (finally going to use the gift certificate I got from my class last year!) and hopefully some holiday shopping. Oh, and my neighbor and I are hosting an Origami Owl party. (I know - I hate shopping parties. I can't believe I'm having one myself. Here's hoping I have friends who will come!) And the hubs and I want to make a final decision about the new floors we're ordering. And then there's the general childcare, cooking, surviving routine. Of course, the actual Thanksgiving meal has to be on the list somewhere... See what happens? Busy already!

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