Let Her Eat Cake!

Loving her new baby doll and stroller!
We had Annie's birthday party this weekend. Nothing too crazy - the grandparents all came up for lunch, the neighbors joined us for afternoon cake. Annie opened her presents (or rather, Violet opened Annie's presents), everyone had a good time.
Birthday photo bomb.
The highlight of the day was definitely the smash cake. Now, based on the cupcake she had on her actual birthday, we all know Annie can handle a little cake and icing. And my friend did not disappoint. She loved every second on that cake and did her best to get as much in her mouth as she got on her face!

Cake: destroyed. Mission: accomplished.
I still can't quite believe she is one! At this point, she walks more than she crawls, only gets one bottle at night, can blow kisses, finds her tummy on command, knows where mommy's nose is, wears 18 month clothing, and is in the 98th percentile for both height and weight (25 lbs).

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