Violet refused to have her picture taken at soccer, so this is as official as it will get this season.

At least she got into the Pink Falcon team picture, although I can't say she was too happy about it.
Regardless of the fact that Violet wasn't too thrilled about having her first season of soccer professionally documented (hey, it saves me the 35 bucks they wanted for the picture package), this girl just keeps getting better and better!

Remember the little girl who had her fingers in her mouth the whole first game, too shy to barely get onto the field? Well, she's gone. The little girl that replaced her aggressively chases after the ball, gets into the middle of the pack to kick it down the field, runs in front of the play play defense and turn the ball around... why, she's even replaced skipping around the field with full-on running (80 percent of the time, at least!)

And this weekend, the grandparents were on hand to see Violet score her first goal! The kids seemed pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. When I asked her what her favorite part of the game was, she said "running". I had to remind her about the goal! Things have progressed well enough that I would be pretty confident signing her up for another season. Although she said she would only do it if her friends and coach were on the team again, so she may be in it more for the company at this point. We will see.

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  1. Pretty sure snacks and friends are her top priority , but man has she changed in playing ability!!!! A real sense of what to do and not afraid to get in the crowd around the ball.


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