Cereal, the Circus, and More Snow

So I'm sitting here, still in my pjs at 1 p.m. on a Tuesday. That's right, it's another snow day! I'll take it. With every weekend already booked up, it's nice to have a break in the middle of the week. Annie is napping upstairs, I've been watching the Olympics non-stop, Violet is keeping herself busy making "love bugs" with her fingertips and a stamp pad. It's all very cozy.

Snow fall outside the nursery window.
Since my last update, Annie has really gotten the hang of this eating thing. In fact, I'm pretty sure she prefers her cereal to the bottle now. I can't seem to feed her fast enough! She's tried pears, apples, sweet potatoes and squash, and seems equally happy with all of them. Neighborhood dinners are much more fun now that she can participate. Amy swears that the reason Annie would get so fussy at the table is because she was feeling left out - and I think she was right! The Bug gets cereal at school (her teachers were impressed at how good she is at eating already!) and again at dinnertime. She's cutting down on how many ounces she'll drink now, but she's making up for it with food (and seems just as happy and healthy as ever).

Nom nom nom.
Physical therapy continues. Neck stretching is in maintenance mode and now we're focusing on arm strength and movement. So PT is now fun, with lots of playing with toys and reaching for things and me jumping around like an idiot getting Annie to turn her head this way and that.

This past weekend we went to the circus with the neighbors. We went last year as well, and now that Violet knew what to expect, she was even more into it. I love the circus. Annie was fabulous. She hung out with me in the moby wrap or on my lap. Then at one point, we realized both our girls were asleep! It was an exhausting, cotton-candy filled extravaganza.

At the circus!

Random picture Violet took of Annie on our way to church.

Gus "helping" me grade papers this morning.
There's no word yet on how long our snow-cation will last this time, although the snow is being replaced by rain, which they say will turn to ice tonight. So that's promising. Here's hoping we don't lose power. Going to Publix yesterday afternoon was an adventure - I kept buying things I didn't need, just because it seemed so important to stock up. There were no bananas, bread, cinnamon rolls, salad, barely milk... it's crazy. Georgia seems so determined not to get caught unawares again that we've completely overreacted. The news keeps using words like: event of historical proportions, crippling ice, catastrophic, significant... I actually checked the batteries in our flashlights this morning, just in case! I'll keep you posted on what ends up happening.

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