Annie at Four Months

Happy at school!
Annie finally had her four month check up and shots. We had to reschedule a few times due to the snow and ice, but we made it in on Thursday. A quick run-down of stats: weight 14.14 (75th percentile), head (95 percentile - no wonder tummy time is such a chore!), height 25 1/2 (90th percentile).

We saw a different pediatrician than our usual doctor, but it was nice to get a fresh set of eyes. While the doctor didn't totally blow off my concerns with a breezy "everything's fine, you're a crazy mom," she also didn't go overboard with "your baby's broken, why can't she roll over yet, call the specialist!" We were on healthy middle ground. The verdict - more tummy time for this chunky monkey, and we'll start worrying at six months. (Violet didn't roll over until the day she turned six months, so there is a family history of late rolling.)

So I'll try to not freak out when Instagram is full of babies who are Annie's age and rolling all over the place. To each their own path, right? It's the advice I would give any other mother in my position, but man is it hard to follow when it's your own baby.

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  1. Ok, I'll try to be that mom that gives you the advice you'd give to someone else... I wouldn't worry! My kids didn't really roll until 5-6 months themselves. They all had >90th% heads as well. Darn big brains. She is adorable and perfect and everything will all even out!!


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