Is There a Doctor in the House?

The graduate.

This weekend it was my distinct pleasure to travel down to Florida to applaud as my dad received his doctorate degree. That's right, there is now a doctor in the family. It was an amazing ceremony and I'm very proud of this guy. It was also fun to make the journey as a family. Sightings like the one above are rare these days, and the togetherness made the trip extra special.

Of course, the added bonus of a beach trip didn't hurt, either. We were hosted at a lovely waterfront home by my aunt and uncle, and spent Monday with our toes in the sand. Just don't tell Violet... she has been begging to go to the beach all summer and I just don't know how to tell her we went without her! (She had a blast at Grandma's house while we were gone so I don't feel too bad...)

Flagler Beach

It's not the size of the pole, it's how you use it... Right?

Night beach!

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