Matt's cousin Jason got married this past weekend in Colorado, and the hubby and I used it as a perfect excuse for a summer getaway sans Violet. Colorado, you never disappoint. The entire trip was one beautiful vista after another. The wedding itself wasn't bad, either!

Not a bad sight to wake up to every morning.

The day of the wedding, we got a little detour over to Aspen. And while there was no snow, it was still a lovely sight to take in. We rode the gondolas up to the top of the mountain and I'll be honest, I cannot imagine how people ski down those slopes. They were steep. I've never been skiing, so perhaps I don't know what I'm talking about, but it looked scary to me! The drive to Aspen was hair-raising in its own way - apparently native Coloradians don't see the need for guardrails!

On the road to Aspen.

Aspen gondola ride.

Jason and Dana's wedding was one of those wonderful, relaxed, totally personal affairs. Thanks to a Colorado law that apparently says just about anyone can legally marry you, the couple's parents performed the ceremony, which included a tree planting where we all got to contribute a shovel of dirt to help the couple "put down their roots". The reception was catered by two food trucks and there was even a fire pit complete with s'mores. So fun!

Another happy couple at the wedding.

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